Heard a lot from many people that they had problems with adobe software (Audition) running in Linux so I grabbed a trial version off the Adobe site. The only real difference between the production version and the trial version is the fact that the trial version is what I call Bombware. That is it complains when the timer runs out. You can verify this with any Hex Editor that permits comparing any 2 files.

#1 In order to bring up Adobe audition 3.0 in linux I must get gdiplus working

Here are the steps from within the terminal

wget http://www.kegel.com/wine/winetricks

Above fetches the winetricks module
sh winetricks corefonts vcrun6

Above grabs some related fonts, oh yay!
env WINEPREFIX=~/.winetest winetricks mfc40

Above is some visual basic trash, but we need it
env WINE=~/wine-git/wine winetricks mfc40

Above sticks all the goodies in our path and sets some variables
Yep we need to do this
Do not forget to tell wine that the gdiplus library is present

Select configure wine from the Ubuntu menu

Select application tab

Add application and walk the file structure to the audition executable

When that has been added select the library tab and type in the override gdiplus.dll or *.exe (which ever file you have installed)

Also you may need msvcrt override

This whole project is working under Ubuntu studio edition 10.04
I’m using this edition for the configuration because most of the work is done for me

Everything works and the video is just fine.
My configuration for hardware is:::
768 meg RAM
2.0 gig intel CPU being pushed to the max, shows 100% with audition running
When Audition is launched system showing 400 meg RAM consumption
Video resolution is set at 1280×1024 for both the splash screen and the desktop vesa mode